Scientific Committee

To guarantee the optimal quality of the information it provides, 360 medics has set up a committee of experts to draw up methods that ensure only reliable and verified sources are selected. Collaboration with a range of learned institutions is an added endorsement of the quality of available content.
Jean Yves BLAY, Chairman of the Scientific Council of 360 medics

Jean-Yves Blay

Director of the Léon Bérard Centre, Lyon and Rhône-Alpes Cancer Centre, Chairman of the Groupe Sarcome Français and former Chairman of EORTC (2010-2012). Jean-Yves Blay is Chairman of the Scientific Council of 360 medics.
Grégoire Pigné, CEO of 360 medics

Grégoire Pigné

Doctor of oncology-radiotherapy at the Loire Cancer Institute, CEO of 360 medics and responsible for its medical expertise.