Our story

Never over recent decades has medicine evolved so rapidly. Innovations and scientific progress are increasing at lightning speed. Back in 2010, medical knowledge was doubling every 3 years; in 2020 it doubles every 72 days.

However, in the face of this information overload, it is difficult for healthcare professionals to find precise answers to their clinical questions. Although 90% of them reported using their cell phone in the course of their work, search engine results lacked reliability and relevance. There was no simple and reliable solution to help them manage their patients.

In 2014, Dr. Grégoire Pigné, Clotilde Petit and Romain Bruckert decided to create a co-pilot for health professionals to give precise answers to their medical questions and support them in the daily exercise of their work.

They developed an application and a web interface that brought together all the resources and tools useful for the daily practice of healthcare professionals, to accompany them in their quest for excellence in care.

This was the start of 360 medics.

Our mission

To accompany healthcare professionals in their quest for excellence in care by bringing together all the resources and tools useful for their daily practice.

Our Values

Comprehensively planned and designed for modern medical practice, 360 medics has been built on the strength of three core values:

360 medics, recognized and reliable scientific resources
Reliability : 360 medics selects content for healthcare providers that is recognised for its scientific value by a scientific committee and partners scientific institutions.

360 medics, tools and services adapted to the daily practice of healthcare professionals
Service : 360 medics is committed to meeting the requirements of healthcare professionals and providing tools and services that are genuinely tailored to their daily practice.

360 medics, transparent data processing system
Security : 360 medics has built a totally transparent system for processing its data, which it has chosen to host in France.

Our Team

Grégoire Pigné, CEO of 360 medics
Grégoire Pigné
CEO & Doctor
He studied medicine in Reims before enrolling at Claude Bernard University in Lyon to specialise in oncology-radiotherapy.

Whilst gaining professional experience, Grégoire Pigné noticed that medical knowledge was growing exponentially and that what he had learned during his studies was rapidly becoming obsolete. He then began to imagine innovative solutions to help healthcare professionals manage their knowledge and give them rapid access to reliable and accurate scientific information.

Grégoire then joined EMLyon's Start-up programme and launched 360 medics in 2014. He continues to practice as an oncologist-radiotherapist and regularly swaps his doctor's coat for his start-up hat.

Having graduated from EMLyon with a Master's degree in Management, Clotilde has developed her expertise in marketing through her work with major groups, such as L'Oréal, LVMH and Seb.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, she joined her brother Grégoire Pigné to create 360 medics.
Clotilde Petit, COO of 360 medics
Clotilde Petit

Romain Brückert, CTO of 360 medics
Romain Bruckert
After specialising in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at EMLyon, Romain turned to technology and leveraged his expertise in companies such as Valéo, Eudoweb and Citizenplace.

Being both versatile and ambitious, Romain then embarked on the path of entrepreneurship by founding his own CRM company, Bluewink Development.