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Caregivers are the keystone of excellence in care. Such is the conviction of Grégoire, doctor and founder of 360 medics.

360 medics has been designed for use by all caregivers and must be accessible to everyone, which is why 360 medics is and will remain free of charge.


We have chosen an economic model that integrates dedicated communication spaces reserved for the entire health ecosystem (learned societies, pharmaceutical laboratories and institutions). Indeed, we believe in the ethical and qualitative promotion of medicines and health products that is truly useful to caregivers.

We protect our independence by adhering to the following requirements :
A selection of clearly identified quality scientific content
Selection of quality scientific resources
- Access to the scientific resources of international or national institutions, peer-reviewed journals, learned institutions, groups of experts, etc.

- All content is identified in full transparency: the name of the author is clearly stated;

- 360 medics does not create any content. You will never find any favoured content or content that is biased by 360 medics' business relationship with any of its clients.
Ethical and qualitative promotional partnerships
Ethical and qualitative promotional partnerships
- We are committed to delivering content that is of value to you: improving your care, supporting your patients and helping you to stay up to date.

- Sponsored content is approved prior to distribution by the competent authorities (MHRA);

- Any sponsored content is clearly identified, stating the name of the author;

- Less than 0.5% of all content is promotional content.
Independence of capital
Capital independence of 360 medics
- No pharmaceutical company or person with an interest in the pharmaceutical industry owns shares in the capital of 360 medics.


360 medics stands as the trusted third party between healthcare professionals and its partners.

This is why we are committed (notably in our T&Cs) to not sharing any nominative information with anyone, and even less so with our customers:

- About whether or not you use 360
- Or about your profile
- Or about your behaviour on the application

360 medics is the intermediary that protects your data. You can browse safely as your data will remain protected and confidential.